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As a chapter, we strive to create and foster a community of practice in the Bay Area. Members and guests alike can be inspired by local conscious leaders and can learn how to practically apply the tenets of Conscious Capitalism to their own businesses.

We host a series of Events and Meetups throughout the year.

Please mark your calendars and register to join us at our next event.
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Upcoming Events

Upcoming events

    • 28 Apr 2021
    • 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM (PDT)
    • Online Event (ZOOM LINK in confirmation)

    Higher Purpose is the first tenet of Conscious Capitalism. In this exploration, you’ll have an opportunity to uncover your own company’s Higher Purpose, and to see why it guides conscious companies all over the world.

    Elevating humanity through business begins with knowing WHY your company exists. This understanding gives you a compass to find your personal and professional “True North” and to stay focused on it. Businesses can and should exist for reasons far beyond just making a profit. We see profit as a necessary means to achieving your purpose - not as an end in and of itself

    We’ll explain why purpose matters, in terms of:

    • employee engagement and retention
    • business growth that far exceeds mainstream companies focused on profits alone
    • the significance of tapping into a human need for meaning, for being part of something greater than ourselves
    • and finally, a sense of purpose that plays a large role in fostering alliances and partnerships with common goals
    You’ll encounter other conscious leaders who are exploring and developing their own Higher Purpose. We’ll introduce you in breakout sessions during the presentation. And you’ll have every opportunity to reflect and refine your ideas.

    So please join us for an event that will make the business world a better place.

    Register now.

Past events

24 Feb 2021 Celebrating Black Prosperity, Innovation & Impact: An Evening of Conversation and Inspiration
3 Feb 2021 Conscious Capitalism, Values and DEI: Reflections and Dialogue on What is True and What Is Changing
19 Jan 2021 Make Your Donations Count: The Economics of Inclusion and Equity
17 Nov 2020 How Values Unite Us and Beliefs Divide Us
21 Oct 2020 “Fishing with Dynamite” A Western Region Film Event
29 Sep 2020 Conscious Leadership: How To Manage In The Apocalypse
20 Aug 2020 CCBA Networking Happy Hour
22 Jul 2020 Conscious Leadership and Civil Unrest: An Interview With Author Pamela Gray Daniel
9 Jun 2020 The Emergence of Conscious Cultures
27 May 2020 Using Technology to Measure Unconscious Bias with Michele Ruiz
12 May 2020 Grief and Change - Dealing Effectively with Turbulent Times
29 Apr 2020 Community Forum
15 Apr 2020 How Do Businesses Consciously Respond to COVID-19 Anti-Asian/Asian American Discrimination?
31 Mar 2020 Community Forum
19 Mar 2020 Rob Smith and the Phluid Project - Creating a Conscious Community
13 Feb 2020 Post-Holiday Party - Launching the New Conscious Decade!
5 Feb 2020 CCBA Webinar - Fully Implementing a Sense of Purpose Into Your Business
21 Jan 2020 CCBA Webinar - Women as a Driving Force in Conscious Leadership with LeeAnn Mallorie
4 Dec 2019 The Soul of Business - An Online Event
20 Nov 2019 Conscious Leadership In Turbulent Times
30 Oct 2019 Building Conscious Cultures: A workshop for team leaders
21 Oct 2019 CCBA On-Line - Demystifying the DEI Conundrum
16 Oct 2019 Brewed With Purpose, Consciousness in the Beverage Industry
24 Sep 2019 CCBA On-Line - Networking with Ivan Misner
29 Aug 2019 Bringing Humanity Into A Serious Business: A Framework Without Unconscious Bias

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