How Values Unite Us and Beliefs Divide Us

  • 17 Nov 2020
  • 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
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The Journey from “Me” to “We" in Conscious Capitalism. 

Join us for a timely – and highly interactive – event, in which we explore the origins of values and beliefs. We’ll learn about their differences, and why conscious organizations thrive when their values are clear, well-defined, and embedded in their culture.

This workshop will be co facilitated by board members Tom Henry and Amit Raikar. They are leaders of our Bay Area conscious community, professional talent development executives.

The workshop is designed to educate and evolve people who are transforming their workplace cultures. If that sounds like you, this is an event you won’t want to miss.

About the Presenters

Tom HenryTom works with Values Based Leadership tools that foster cultural transformations in corporations, NGOs, government and municipal agencies, communities, schools, and nations.

Amit Raikar Amit is a leadership and transformation coach empowering conscious leaders and teams to stand in their power with confidence so they create greater impact.

This workshop is based on the idea that all organizations function better when their leaders are focused on building values-driven cultures. This is one of the best ways to benefit their people, their organizations, and society.

Here’s how the event will take shape:

We will begin by showing you how values align with the principles of Conscious Capitalism.

You’ll learn how we as individuals evolve and grow as part of something greater than ourselves (the journey from “Me” to “We”).

There will be opportunities to share your own core values and to understand when those needs and values are not being met.

We will then describe how values unite us and beliefs separate us, potentially limiting our ability to fully achieve our potential.

This will be a deep exploration of our physical, intellectual, and spiritual needs and how they impact our sense of connection with others.

The Conscious Journey.

In this part of the workshop, we’ll explore developmental stages of awareness and the values that emerge at each stage. All in service to the idea of achieving lasting fulfillment.

At this point we’ll have breakout sessions, so you and other leaders can explore your own personal journeys. Where are you now? Where are you headed? How connected do you feel with others, with your own sense of purpose?

We hope you’ll emerge from this workshop with a deeper understanding of the role your values play in shaping your business, your culture, and the future.

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