Kate Pintor

Marketing Chair

Kaitlyn Pintor

Business is personal. When people are encouraged to be more of who they are, human beings vs. human doings, they can uncover the skills, compassion, and motivation to change anything for the highest good. Conscious business makes room for everyone at the table, and gives people the power to change not only their own circumstances but those of their communities.

As both a dis-abled woman and one of the top 5% of strengths coaches in the world, I have seen first-hand the transformation possible when the four tenets are activated from an individual to corporate level. I am grateful to serve in the marketing chair alongside the CC-Bay Area team as we build the most vibrant community through an exceptional series of purpose-driven events and social opportunities.

I am most looking forward to the opportunity to share the conscious-inspiring stories of our members, maximizing our collective impact from the East Bay, South Bay, North Bay and San Francisco regions. It starts with us.

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