Brandon Trammell

North Bay Chair

Brandon Trammell

“I am a financial services professional who believes that people genuinely want to take charge of their financial destinies without compromising their values. Our desire is to help our clients be more present in their interactions by removing the fears and worries about their financial futures through planning with intention & purpose. As individuals, we can serve a greater good by aligning our values around family, community, philanthropy, and society with our goals for accumulation & asset protection. This connects us to a higher purpose and brings heart to an often self centered process.

I am honored to serve on the board of Conscious Capitalism Bay Area Chapter as the North Bay Chair. My belief is that, due to its great power and influence, business has a great responsibility to be a catalyst for positive change in the world; to lead the shift away from purely profit centered behavior, to a conscious stakeholder orientation that fosters a workplace culture in which everyone is granted the opportunity to thrive, self actualize, and find higher purpose. This approach leads to greater innovation which naturally achieves long term profit growth & sustainability while bringing humanity back to center stage.”

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