Tet Salva

Events Chair

Tet Salva is the Founder & CEO of MomWarrior and is a mom to four young daughters. In a world where we are often divided, Tet has mastered the art of bringing people and communities together to build engagement and ownership. She empowers groups to solve problems through collaboration and open dialogue. With MomWarrior, she has created a platform to amplify ideas, stories, and thought-leadership related to the challenges and opportunities to advance women – specifically moms – so they are able to thrive at work, at home and beyond. 

Her professional experience spans nearly a decade and a half as an executive advisor and organizational change leader to some of the biggest and influential companies in advertising, hi-tech, utilities, consumer goods, energy, and retail industries (Chevron, Cisco Systems, VMware, UC Berkeley, Accenture, Publicis Media, and Torani to name a few). She was also the Global Director for Talent & Transformation for one of the agencies under Publicis Media, where she was a key leader in establishing the global talent and transformation practice, developing talent retention strategies, revamping an enterprise-wide Learning and Development program, and cultivating D&I efforts within the organization. Tet moved to the United States with no more than $20 in her pocket, lots of gumption, and an immense amount of faith. She graduated Magna cum Laude from Menlo College and continues to pursue learning at Stanford University.’