Frank Connolly

Membership Chair

“Frank was born with technology in the blood. The child of two mathematicians, from a young
age he was exposed to computers, programming and all the incredible possibility that the
information age possessed. He has been building systems and learning about the IT
ecosystem since childhood. Drawn to the world of entrepreneurism with a belief that business
could be a force for good in the world, he took his tech skills and set about to build startups
focused on sustainability and consciousness.

A veteran entrepreneur, Frank has consulted with tach startups as well as small and medium
size businesses across many industries. His focus has been on creating sustainable and
transformative solutions that create solid foundations for growth. With a strong understanding of
both IT and business dynamics, Frank is able to provide thoughtful advice in building resilient
systems in a dynamic environment.

His relationship to business is based in Conscious Capitalism and he believes that a deep
understanding of the character and needs of the people and organizations he works with, is vital
to building long term relationships of mutual benefit. A proponent of servant leadership, his
personal mission is to empower those that seek to transform business through sustainability and
consciousness to build a better world for all.”